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Imagine if you will. a way to help preserve and enhance Lake Tahoe’s ecology for generations to come and be rewarded with a Free vacation… This is what is offering.

Until the end of the month, we are now offering a FREE Lake Tahoe vacation for all new members. These resorts are offering empty rooms to new members for free to help support a good cause. No time share presentation or anything like that but you are asked to pay the daily room tax of $20.
After you sign up you will be able to choose your resort and receive your free voucher.

Healing the planet can be done in many ways, one of which is planting trees. This not only helps the environment by providing oxygen, but also saves animals since they rely on trees and forests for homes. Another way to help both the planet and its creatures is by protecting existing forests from being destroyed.

This can be done through promoting the end of deforestation and working with organizations to replant trees in deforested areas. Finally, caring for endangered animals at a wildlife sanctuary gives them a safe place to live and eventually breed, ensuring that their species does not go extinct.

It is terrible to know that humans have caused such destruction to animal life, especially when you consider that we have erased 60% of it since 1970. It is hard to imagine what the world would be like without all of these different species, but sadly it is a reality that we are facing. We must do better in order to protect the animals that are left and ensure that their populations can thrive.

In other words, humans make up just 0.01% of all life on Earth but have eliminated 6 out of every 10 animals. This is a staggering statistic that points to the destructive power that humans have on the planet and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Every day thousands of acres are destroyed in the Amazon. Our team is planting thousands of trees every month, protecting the forests we already have, and saving animals at a wildlife sanctuary to help reverse the damage being done on a massive scale.

The destruction of trees is one of the most pressing environmental issues facing the world today. Forests are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity, and their destruction threatens many species with extinction. Moreover, forests play a vital role in regulating the global climate, and their loss contributes to climate change. This issue must be addressed urgently if we are to protect the world’s forests and the invaluable ecosystem services they provide.

Nearly every living thing on Earth depends on trees for survival in some way. Trees provide critical habitat and resources for animals, plants, and organisms. They produce the oxygen we breathe, filter the water we drink, and stabilize the climate. When trees are cut down and disappear, this has a profound and devastating impact on the natural world.

Please consider joining 8 Billion Trees in their effort to reverse deforestation and get a free Lake Tahoe Vacation as a bonus.

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