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Lake Tahoe, while a beautiful and popular destination, is not the most visited spot in California. In fact, there are several other locations that draw more tourists. This may be surprising given the size of California and its miles of coastline, but there are many natural wonders to explore in the state. Despite not having the dramatic landscapes of Yosemite National Park or the stunning ocean views of Malibu, there are other beautiful and exciting places to explore in California.

It is essential to understand that Lake Tahoe has incredibly pure water. Purity doesn’t necessarily correlate directly with the perceived appearance of the lake. Still, Tahoe’s 99.994% rating could very well be a factor in how picturesque it can be on a sunny June day.

Despite the lake’s issues with debris, Tahoe’s natural beauty is still a driving force for tourists and weekenders. The influx of people often leads to an disproportionate amount of trash sinking to the lake’s floor. This becomes a significant problem that Tahoe must deal with. It’s a cruel bit of irony that the very thing that attracts people to the lake is also partially responsible for polluting it.

Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty is often overshadowed by the amount of trash that floats on its surface. However, organizations like Clean Up the Lake are working hard to keep the area clean and beautiful.

The nonprofit’s recent cleanup operation involved a group of scuba divers who searched for debris along the lake’s coastline. This debris could be anything from plastic bottles and aluminum cans to other types of trash.

Lake folklore suggests that proposals have taken place at the lake over the years, and even a handful of discarded engagement rings were found on the floor. One can only wonder how many failed proposals have taken place here. It’s no secret that proposals near Tahoe are popular, but this couple decided to go off the beaten path and do something a little different.

The Clean Up the Lake operation was a great success. Divers removed 24,797 trash items from Tahoe’s depths for a total of 25,281 pounds of debris. The nonprofit has done a commendable job in organizing the volunteer divers and cleaning up the debris. Without their efforts, the marine ecosystem would be in grave danger. The volunteers are to be commended for their selfless work in ensuring the health of the marine ecosystem.

Despite the large quantity of trash that was recovered, Clean Up the Lake’s Colin West is hesitant to attribute it to malice on the part of Tahoe’s thousands of annual patrons. You might find five or six beer cans in one area, but the sunglasses, the cellphones, the hats, the construction material — a lot of this has happened accidentally or from windstorms. No one is trying to lose a boat anchor.” he said.

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